Saturday, February 9, 2008

Where Do YOU Read Variations?

On Valentine's Day, I'll be running the full interview with Barbara Pizio, executive editor at Penthouse Variations. For now, here is a sneak peek:

Alison Tyler: How does the online format for Variations differ from the magazine?

Barbara Pizio: subscribers have access to an incredible amount of content. There is editorial from nearly 200 issues of the magazine currently available online, and we’re adding to it daily. Additionally, we run exclusive interviews on the site. Web subscribers also have access to, which has thousands of photos, hardcore full-length videos, and special behind-the-scenes videos of the Penthouse Pets. Between the two sites, it’s a fantastic combination of sex stories and photos.

The print magazine is obviously all-inclusive as far as text and photos. And depending on your reading habits, the discreet size and portability can be a real plus.

Yes, this is a case in which size not only matters, but a discreet size is better. I have read Variations on trains, planes, and, um, hovercrafts. I adore the fact that you can slide this palmable porn into your pocket. Hmmm. I wonder if my ABC books were influenced by Variations... Or perhaps I'm simply using this segue to let you know that Barbara has a story of her own in F Is for Fetish!


P.S. The March beauty on the cover below is wearing such a striking collar. I'll be giving away a collar like this, and perhaps some other Penthouse Swag, after the full interview with Barbara.


Raven said...

Oh good Lord... the memories! Reading Variations surreptitiously in my dorm room at my all women's Catholic college, so that my perky blonde sorority gal roommate wouldn't see. It was the first time I realized that what seemed to be the darkness of my fantasies (being not quite like what I had read/seen in the past) wasn't so - my fantasies weren't so horrible and unusual as to make me an outcast; they were instead exciting gifts to be explored with lovers over time.

And nowadays I mainly read Variations online, during moments stolen in the midst of real life chaos.

Looking forward to the interview!

Be blessed,

Anonymous said...

Oh I like my porn to be portable. And I adore that collar. I think dirty things just looking at it.

I cannot wait for your interview.

Angell said...

Variations is just small enough to fit in pockets or in purses....

*gets distracted*

OOOOH - shiny, sparkly things...